warehouse-boxesSatisfying today’s consumer is a tall order. They want the product today, in their size, in the color they prefer, competitively priced, and delivered quickly and securely to their homes with a variety of added value services offered.

NLI International understand the retailer’s challenges. We also know retailers would rather be selling than worrying about logistics. Let our solutions optimize product flows, react to volatile consumer demand, and position you to build customer loyalty and expand to your sales success. Ask about our “Above and Beyond” program.

Above and Beyond

The NLI International “Above and Beyond” program will be utilized for all “white glove deliveries” only. This service will include on site communication between the Client Partner, an NLI International Customer Service Representative and the consignee to mitigate a resolution to delivery issues while in the home.


NLI has qualified personnel on staff to skillfully perform minor repairs or touch-ups, whenever needed. If more extensive issues occur, we also maintain an ongoing relationship with a highly regarded, national repair company capable of expertly performing these services. This process is handled exclusively through your assigned NLI customer service representative.

The NLI Advantages

NLI International is a leader in the design and operation of world-class retail and manufacturing fulfillment solutions.
Our NLI International logistics process engineering team has unrivalled experience and a track record without equal in our industry. We design intelligent processes to meet your unique needs.

  • Distribution Center Management
  • Perfect Order Visibility & Tracking
  • Inventory Control In Real Time
  • Transportation Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Project Management