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NLI International Corp. Winner of the 2017 “ BEST FINAL MILE COMPANY IN CANADA”

June 21, 2017 –

NLI International Corp. is a full service in home delivery company serving retail, distribution and manufacturing leaders throughout the catalogue, home and internet shopping industries from around the world. We spoke to Andrew Britton to find out more.

Founded in March of 2014, NLI International Corp. is a 100% privately held Canadian Company and unlike most standard moving or trucking companies, was created an developed with a lifetime of career experience within the Supply Chain, Warehousing and Distribution Industries culminating in a complete menu of services that make the firm a one stop shop for this very specialized industry, as Andrew emphasizes.

“Here at NLI, we specialized in the delivery of merchandise that exceeds the size and weight limitations of standard parcel carriers, such as furniture, electronics and appliances and we provide very specialized delivery services to residential and business address across Canada. We understand the very demanding requirements of executing successful home deliveries and all of the intricacies of dealing with the private sector consumer. Our programs are geared to facilitate all E-Commerce transactions with very little stress for our Client / Partners while giving them the highest levels of support and keeping their costs competitive using contract rates with no hidden costs.”

Within the logistics sector, Andrew discusses the firm’s offering in more detail and explains how it works to achieve excellence for all of its clients.

“Where you choose White Glove or Threshold services, comprehensive management of your delivery is our standard procedure. We begin your project with an up-front delivery plan, customized to keep the order firmly on course at all times. NLI International monitors the entire process, conducting inspections, recording milestones, tracking progress, verifying details and providing clear notifications and custom reports along the way. Online access provides you with easily accessible, detailed information regarding each order and our “Above and Beyond” program puts you in control of the process from start to finish.

“NLI International handles everything when you choose our premium services. This option goes far beyond the comprehensive, standard advantages, with options that include the unpacking and inspection of the merchandise before we contact the consumer to establish a delivery appointment. You may choose to have your item(s) assembled at the delivery terminal, the end-consumer’s address, or a combination of both. Instructions posted with each order enable efficient, accurate assembly by our skilled personnel. Once the product is on-site and assembled, it is setup and placed in the end-consumer’s room of choice. Finally, NLI collects all the packaging materials and removes them for proper recycling or disposal.

“In addition, the NLI international “Above and Beyond” program is a one of a kind program that utilized for all “white glove deliveries” only. This service includes on site communication between the Client / Partner, an NLI international Customer Service Representative and the Consignee to mitigate a resolution to any delivery issue while in the home. This service is a proactive approach to saving time and money for all parties while ensuring that the delivery experience for the consumer is always, a positive one.”

Drawing on his vast experience in the logistics market, Andrew has a strong insight into industry trends which he is keen to share with us.

“The warehousing, Logistics and Supply Chain market is very much alive and well in Canada but as the world changes and people become more and more able to purchase things online, the need for faster transportation, better networks and faster manufacturing, cheaper product and a complete diversity of services, creates an element of competition that is unparalleled in my experience.

“Carriers in Canada for the most part are successful at their original core competencies however with the new and developing need for home delivery, folks who do no understand the process or the intricacies involved in this very specialized service are competing for the marketing share and failing. Co-loading, cross docking, over handling and sub-contracting are all contributors to failure in this business and “damage” is the number one result of this. Off shore Manufacturers and Distributors from around the world see Canada as a very viable market to expand into however a lack of experience and knowledge and a fear of the unknown is a huge obstacle for them. Most of these Companies rely on the eyes and ears of their partners here in Canada to represent and serve their needs and for the most part, they are completely in the dark. I have built a company that understands every aspect of the business and our processes from start to finish are geared to ensure that our Client / Partners are protected and that “their” business is 100% transparent to them.

Looking to the future, Andrew is excited for what is to come as he concludes by sharing the various developments his firm has in store.

“Ultimately, NLI International Corp. is a pioneer in Canada with the ever changing and constantly evolving final mile industry and we have established a solid foundation for a strong and prosperous future. I will stay the course, continue to develop our Network, establish our Brand around the world, increase our sales and continue to build a Team that the competition will be afraid of.

Upcoming developments include Larger facilities, my own trucks moving my line hauls across Canada, expanding our employee base, developing more geographical delivery options, as well as succession planning. Technological enhancements are always in my mind and as we reach each new threshold.

Overall these developments will help my firm to grow, both domestically and internationally, to support a wider range of clients.”


February 24, 2015 –

NLI International closes their first full year in business with an astounding 17,000 home deliveries to date. With positive success and growth, NLI International is relocating to a new, state-of-the-art facility; they continue to provide the most advanced and up to date delivery programs and technology available today.

“We are expanding!!!” We have acquired a beautiful, new and standalone building with over 75,000 square feet of temperature controlled; security camera monitored, gated, fenced and fully racked space! 8 bay doors and a large yard will certainly enhance our efficiencies as well as provide opportunity to further develop our existing programs with full supply chain solutions but it will also allow us to offer a larger menu of services and will help us to continually improve our national delivery process,” Britton said.

It is no surprise that NLI continues to grow with their advanced proprietary systems in place; “ship to home solutions”. NLI International is Canada’s fastest growing, in home and white glove delivery services provider. Installation, assembly and debris removal are the main contributor to their rapid growth. Their operation consists of two strategically situated Distribution Centers in Vancouver and Toronto and a national network over 30 professional delivery agents who specialize in “final mile delivery”. NLI International uses Ship to Home technology in combination with a select group of partner carriers consolidating home deliveries of large household items like Brand name furniture, electronics and appliances. NLI provides high value with the quickest, most cost-effective home delivery services and supply chain solutions to some of North Americas largest Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers such as Costco, Best Buy, Future shop, Direct Buy and Interior Mark, just to name a few…

“We are excited about moving to our new location in Mississauga, Ontario; this extra space will be the perfect ingredient to fulfill our growth challenges with a more efficient operation to compete in Canada,” says Robert Martella.

To find out more contact  sales@nliinternational.com